Our Facilities

Equilibrium is located on the second floor at 3162 Mallard Cove.  A changing room with cubbies is available for clients to keep their belongings.  Parking is free and plentiful in front of the studio.  

Meet The Owner

Julie Ervin, a biology teacher and science department chair, loves to move and doesn’t feel complete until she has done so.  Trained in classical ballet as a child and teenager, Julie started to expand her movement repertoire in college, adding  running and weight lifting to her list of activities.  In graduate schools, Julie dabbled in road cycling.  Today, Julie possesses a myriad of group fitness certifications in Barreamped®, Spinning®, Pilates Suspension Method, TRX, and Bellicon.  When not in the science classroom, she loves teaching group fitness classes and focuses on correct form, balanced muscle development, and connecting the mind with the body.  Julie believes that exercising correctly refocuses the mind and makes for better versions of ourselves. She also feels that exercise is not a quick fix for anything; rather, it is a sustained life-long effort in self-improvement and betterment mentally, physically, and cellularly.

Barreamped Foundations Certification – 2015                             Spinning® Certification – 2019
Barreamped Advanced Certification - 2016                                    Pilates Suspension Method 1.0 Certification – 2020
Barreamped Bootcamp Certification – 2016                                  Pilates Suspension Method 2.0 Certification - 2020
Barreamped Extreme Bootcamp Certification- 2016                ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification – 2020
TRX Certification - 2017                                                                              Pilates Suspension Method 3.0 Certification – 2020
Barreamped Fire Certification - 2017                                                  Pilates Suspension Method 4.0 Certification – 2021
Barreamped Stretch Certification – 2018                                         Pilates Suspension Method 5.0 Certification – 2021
Bellicon® Certification – 2019                                                                 Pilates Suspension Method Trainer - 2021

What We Do

Equilibrium is a small boutique fitness studio that offers a tremendous amount of variety within its classes and class formats.  From barre to HIIT classes, Equilibrium will work with each client to ensure correct form and offer modifications to cater to clients of all abilities.  Equilibrium works with you to uncover your best self.


A state of balance both mentally

                    and physically