Barre and Barre Bootcamp

Slow, controlled movements focusing on isometric contractions.  Barre Bootcamp includes low-impact cardio to rev the heart rate.


Spend just 30 minutes focusing completely on your core (both anterior and posterior)

Featured Classes


Increase your cardio, balance, agility, and coordination in rebounding classes.

Bodyweight Strength, Strength with Weights, and Core

Increase your strength with or without weights in these circuit training classes.


Cycle on magnetic resistance bikes with quantitative resistance and cadence meters.

Steel Mace

Functional movements using an unbalanced weight/mace to improve overall strength


​Equilibrium's second floor studio offers a tremendous amount of natural light and space for our clients.

One-stop shop

We offer a huge variety of classes to meet all of your needs.  More variety will continue to be added based on client's needs.

Certified Instructor

 Along with her classical ballet, science, and anatomy backgrounds, Julie ​holds a myriad of group and specialty certifications in fitness. 


Increase and decrease your heart rate and effort in this fast-paced, sweaty class.


Using a suspension trainer, perform standard TRX exercises or pilates-based exercises.